Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{Little Miss "A" Turns One!}

I am a blessed auntie to MANY little boys and girls, and had the opportunity to photograph my little niece for her first Birthday!  She just started walking steadily, and is fast to escape the camera.  It took a lot of chasing, goofy noises on my part, a sucker and a cupcake to slow her down for some pictures. 
Enjoy this little Princess!

 Showing off her skills and beautiful smile.  What is NOT to love about this little girl?!

 She does NOT like headbands, clips and hats.  Can you tell? 

 I love the look on her face.  What you can't see is my daughter throwing a fit. That is what little "A" is watching! ;)
 A couple of Christmas additions to these two.  She is such an expressive little girl!

She sure did enjoy that cupcake!  It was a matter of minutes before it was smeared from head to toe, and all over the floor... but it sure was a yummy couple of minutes!

This past year of her life has flown by SOOO fast, as I know the next will as well.  It was a pleasure to make these memories with her.
Thanks for reading!
~Karie Anne

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