Monday, September 26, 2011

Referral Contest!

Welcome to the Grateful Memories Photography blog!  New followers and old, please comment here if you would like to take part in the SURPRISE GIVEAWAY (Please include your email address!).  
You more than likely followed a link on FaceBook that read similar to this:
Time for a GIVEAWAY! In light of the recent FaceBook changes, frustrations and feeling lost in a world of constant "upgrades", I would like to announce a GIVEAWAY that will be taking place randomly in the next month. The giveaway is a SUPRISE and only those who are FOLLOWING my BLOG will be eligable! So, if you would like a chance to win something cool, click this link that will take you to the Grateful Memories Photography blog, and FOLLOW it! If you spread the word, and others follow you to my blog (and post on my blog that you sent them), you will get an extra entry for every 10 "Followers" that you send! Like I said, the Prize is a suprise, and I will blog the winner in the next month! Thanks, and good luck! 
There is nothing really more to it!  I will choose the winner randomly (via and the lucky person will be notified by email as well as in a blog post!  
Thanks for participating!
~Karie Anne

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Tying the Knot! George & Alissa}

I am finally sharing some photos from the "A" wedding!  I wish I had done this sooner, I really had a great time at this wedding.  The wedding party was a lot of fun to work with, and the newlyweds were just as fun!  There were lots of joking around, fun music (that had a lot of the guests on their feet!), great food and BEAUTIFUL weather!  Check it out!
The Original Flowers!  Made from paper!  Aren't they amazing?!
 The beautiful, and once again original rings!  George's ring actually MOVES on the gears!!
 The Wedding party!!

 The lovely couple, happily married!
 They are just too cool for their own good!
The pictures are evidence of how much fun this group is! It was a great end to the Wedding season, and I want to thank George and Alissa for having me be a part of their special day.
This MAY have been my last wedding for awhile, as I am starting to see where I would like to specialize in my photography.  As much as I enjoyed doing the handful of weddings this summer, I believe my calling is with families and children.  Weddings may come few and far between, so if you are interested in  booking me for your wedding, don't hesitate to contact me!  It is a possibility that I may take it on occasionally.  
Thanks again, for all of your love and support in my dream!
~Karie Anne

Monday, September 19, 2011

{Newborns Galore}

As expected, this late summer/ early fall has been very busy!  Kids are back in school, and everyone wants to get those family pictures done before the first snow falls here in Wisconsin.  Therefore, I have fallen behind on my blogging.  So.. here are the remaining newborn photo shoots from my summer special! 

This first little princess is {Baby S}!  She was NOT sleepy, and was totally into checking out my studio lights and all the action going on around her.  She was a joy to work with.. and cuddle as well :)

This next little Bundle of Joy, {Little Miss A}  was SO much fun to photograph. I was given MANY (gassy) smiles, and clicked away, catching almost all of them!  She tugged at my heartstrings, as she is a beautiful little Rainbow baby... which really hit home. 

Finally another little man! The handsome {Mr. L} was super serious and wide awake the whole time!  I loved his facial expressions.. they made him look so much older than only a couple of weeks!

A childhood friend then brought over her first little child, {Prince N}.  He gave a new meaning to "you gotta go when you gotta go"!  It was an interesting and fun session... I bet my friend has glad that I am used to things like that.. happening ;)

Then there was the Fashionista, {Miss A}.  She reminded me so much of my daughter when she was little, with all of that hair ALL over!  She was very cooperative with whatever pose I put her in.. with very minimal crying.  She LOVED the necklace, too!

I want to thank all of the Mommies and Daddies that brought there beautiful babies out for me to practice on! It was wonderful to meet all of you, and I feel I learned quite a bit about newborn photography.  It truly is an art in itself.  AND, if these photos don't give you the baby blues, I am not sure what will! 

Thanks again, and as always, thank you all for your continued support and for reading!

~Karie Anne