Friday, January 6, 2012

Fine Art Photography

I would like to share with you all my collection of fine art photography. These photographs were all taken by myself in multiple different locations throughout the past year.  Some I have been meaning to share for some time now, and with the busy part of the season past, I am finally able to!

This first collection is from this summer, taken in my multiple gardens of my yard.

 This next one was taken in my back yard on a clear night.  The moon was full and bright!

The following photographs were taken this fall at Serendipity Farms.  If you have never been, watch for when Hippie Tom opens up the gates and allows guests.  You will not regret it, the place is truly amazing!

 Of course, I had to add a picture of myself, Hippie Tom and my kids!

The last ones that I will be sharing today were taken this week.  Here in WI, we have not had much snow at all yet, and yesterday it was 40 degrees!  So, the kids and I took a walk around our yard and neighborhood and enjoyed the scenery and "warm" weather.  Here are some of my favorites!

With this new year, I am looking for a new challenge.  I will continue to photograph families and children, yet will also be adding sales of fine art photography prints.  These photographs here are all (besides the one of my children and I) available for sale in prints, as is or with a phrase of your own added.  I am also willing to take the challenge of photographing whatever you have in mind!  To get a quote on a print or a custom print, send me an email at!

I hope that you have enjoyed these photos as much as I do!
Happy 2012!

~Karie Anne

Monday, December 19, 2011

{The "B" Family!} & {The "J" Family}

This weekend, South East Wisconsin was blessed with our very first "sticky" snow of the season!  It was PERFECT timing, because I had a couple of Family Christmas Photo Shoots this weekend!

This first one is my extended family, with their growing families!  My aunt and uncle, their three beautiful daughters, their daughters husbands and the three grandson's (and another grandson on the way!).

 This next family, The "J" Family, is a great friend of mine with her 7 children and their Dad!  They are all so much fun, have incredible personalities (as you can see in the photos), and did so well!

Thank you all so much for inviting me into your homes to take your Christmas Photos!  I had a wonderful time, and wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thanks for reading!
~Karie Anne

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Family Sessions Updated!

This time of year gets sooo busy with not only photo shoots, but also family activities and holidays!  I have slipped behind a little on my blogging of the lovely families that have welcomed me to photograph them... here we go!
Luke and Susan, Engaged!   This is my Brother in law and his beautiful fiance, Susan.  I had a blast photographing them and capturing their awesome personalities.  

 We were briefly rained on, but lived in the moment and captured an awesome one at that!

The Beane Family!  They were  a lot of fun, their little girls kept me on my toes!

 With Grandma and Grandpa, such a loving set of Grandparents!

The McKenna's, Kari's Maternity Photo Shoot!

 You can see in his eyes how excited he is for his little brother to arrive!

The Barrett Family!

The Hickman/Weber Family!
This is my lovely sister's family, whom I love to photograph!  So blessed to have such a loving family!!

The Woodley Family!

The Bowe Family!

The Gerber Family!
This family had won the Mini Family Session that I had donated to The East Troy Family and Community Resource Center!  Thanks for supporting the community!

The Golding Family!
Who wouldn't want to photograph this couple and their four beautiful daughters?!  Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!

I believe that I am all caught up now... I hope!  There will be lots more to come in the near future, so keep watch!  Thank you all so much for your love and support in my photography, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

~Karie Anne